G-Eazy: Says it’s been ‘easy’ getting here, but how long is he staying?


As a graduate from Loyola University, he does not have the fan sympathy vote of the same old rapper’s tale of growing up in the slums and making something out of his or herself. He went from having it good, to having it great. But is it really as great as it seems? Is this newly famous rapper, G-Eazy, cut out for this fast paced, ‘round the clock, limelight daze? Yeah this up-comer has some good hits on his new album titled, These Things Happen, but does he have what it takes to remain in the spotlight?

Even he is unsure, as we hear in one track off of the album called, “Almost Famous”, he sings: “And while I made it splash, rappers came and passed, but still I ask myself, how long does famous last?” Will he be able to stay high in the charts, or will he go as fast as he came up? He raps to upbeat pop tracks, making it flow rather well. Easily spitting his lyrics, he sounds like he’s been in this game for a while. He encompasses a more chill, laid-back kind of rap; the nod-your-head type of rap where it makes you feel good. Even better yet, the messages don’t make you want to go out and get in a fight.

In this white-rapper industry, it is difficult to make it big time. The Excellent Adventure Tour of 2013 consisted of Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy, easily boosting up the latter rapper’s reputation. Hoodie Allen’s steady fan base seemed to have taken a liking to this new rapper, not shockingly, while these rappers are quite similar: too similar?


For right now, however, G-Eazy seems to be doing just fine as he states on one of the album’s songs called, “Far Alone” featuring E-40 and Jay Ant. Treading the water, he mentions the parties, girls and drugs that unfailingly accompany him whenever he pleases (or doesn’t please). Getting a little more personal, he brings up his old hometown group that used to sing together called the ‘Bay Boyz’. There we go, here’s a little insight on about his come-up. Explaining how everyone doubted he could do it, he has proved them wrong. Yes, he came up, with the help of Hoodie, but without singing his story, connecting with his listeners and ultimately showing us who he really is, who knows how long he may stay. Because that is what will keep him here. He won’t just be another rapper- he will be known.

In “Opportunity Cost” he starts the song off singing, “Everything costs something bro, winning somewhere, somewhere else you just lost something though”. What could he possibly have lost? He came up from being just a normal guy, to being a name people talk about. He now has all these girls, and all of these parties, yet he’s barely able to see those who mean the most to him. He’s starting to question whether this is really for him or not: “Wonder if this rock star life taking a toll on me like I’m asking to die, going on tour for 6 months, hug moms right after she sigh”. He ensures that this is the lifestyle he has chosen, or maybe it has chosen him, but he is prepared to deal with whatever comes his way. A touching verse at the end comes on as a phone call from his mother, wishing him the best of luck, and letting him know how proud she is of him. That was extremely personal, heartfelt and feel-good that the listeners will go crazy over.

Despite having a chill, indifferent vibe, he also showed a different side to him. In the music video for his song, “I Mean It” featuring Remo, we find out that he also can be pretty funny. Taking on two roles, a newscaster and himself, his stolid facial expression mocks his crude lines. Humor definitely could be the way to go.

Creatively adding phone calls and background TV/radio dialog combined with original beats with a touch of added effect seem effective. Some piano can be heard along with some drums, bass and symbols. Competing to stay in the charts, will this be enough or will his fame be taken as quickly as it was given?

By jri22

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